From creative kenneling for homeless animals to innovative and unique outreach programs, Animal Friends is changing the way an animal shelter can enhance our region. We are proud to place over 2,400 dogs, cats, and rabbits into loving homes each year, as well as serve tens of thousands of people through our pet-focused therapeutic and educational programs.

At Animal Friends, we are redefining the way an animal shelter can serve our community. Please browse the pages of this site to learn about how Animal Friends can serve you.

Pets as Family

Adoption Services - matching pets with new, loving homes

Behavior Classes - offering skills and training to assure positive and lasting pet-owner relationships

Recreational Activities - hosting canine coffee socials, birthday parties and other opportunities to enjoy the company of your pet


Pets as Teachers

Humane Education - teaching children of all backgrounds about empathy, compassion, and responsible treatment of all creatures

Reading With Rover - bringing "canine reading specialists" to the classroom to improve literacy in our region

Classes and Lectures - Animal Friends University programs for animal lovers of all ages


Pets as Healers

Pet-Assisted Therapy - sharing the joy of human-animal interaction with the elderly, ill or simply lonely

Wellness Programs - hosting Pet Remembrance services, the Red Collar Society and more


And so much more...

Low-Cost Spay and Neuter - providing low-cost spay/neuter services to all pet owners in an effort to reduce pet overpopulation 

Sheltering - offering compassionate care for abandoned pets

Cruelty Investigations and Rescue - investigating and prosecuting abusive and neglect of animals

Volunteering - offering opportunities to be involved in our work to make our region a better place to live!





Animal Friends

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