Did you just catch a glimpse of your new best friend on TV? Has a "meow" you heard on the radio been nagging at your heartstrings all day? The Pup-arazzi shots below can help you track down the Animal Friends residents that have been featured in the media.

Thanks to our treasured media partners, Animal Friends’ dogs, cats, and rabbits are basking in the limelight, and getting much-needed exposure from the media outlets highlighted below.


NBC Today Show: Animal Friends' Red Collar Society Finds Homes for Senior Pets

Wall Street Journal: Pets, Like Wine, Often Age Well

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Combination of art and dog therapy helps children at Animal Friends

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Animal Friends helps pets when their owners die

WHIRL Magazine: Animal Friends' Black Tie & Tails is Best in Show

WPXI-TV: Dozens of animals saved during New Year's Eve rescue event

WTAE-TV: Dogs looking for new homes to ring in the New Year

KDKA-TV: Animal Friends gives dozens of pets a second chance at life

Sewickley Herald: Animal Friends seeking year-end donations to fund spay/neuter program

Examiner.com: Animal Friends to hold 16th annual New Year's Eve Rescue

KDKA-TV: Animal Friends kicks-off "Pets are Priceless" Campaign

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Animal Friends Hosts Gala at Circuit Center

WPXI-TV: Pets Dress for Animal Friends' Black Tie & Tails

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Animal Friends' Black Tie & Tails Fetches $400K

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Animal Friends Offers Straw to Keep Pets Warm

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Reward These Acts - Local Dog Shelters step up to the plate

WPXI-TV: People, pets dress up for Animal Friends Howl-O-Ween party

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Swamped, Animal Friends and other shelters trigger adoption deals

KDKA-TV: Local Animal Shelters File Charges Against Triangle Pet

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Triangle's Violations Call for a Better Solution

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Animal shelters step in after Triangle Pet Control is shut down

Pittsburgh Post Gazette: Animal Friends Removes Dogs from Triangle Pet Control

WPXI-TV: Dozens of cats rescued from Shaler Township woman's home

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Animal Friends Hosts Dr. Temple Grandin

KDKA-TV: Animal Friends’ Humane Officers Remove More Cats from Carrick home

WTAE-TV: Cat Rescue Continues in Carrick

WTAE-TV: Animal Friends' Humane Officers Removes Dogs from Hazelwood Yard

WPXI-TV: Animal Friends’ Humane Officer Investigates Pet Abandonment and Neglect

WPXI-TV:  Animal Friends Rescues 4 Pit Bill Puppies

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Animal Friends' Gizmofest Welcomes Guests

WPXI-TV: Animal Friends Humane Officer saves German shepherd locked in cage outside Green Tree home

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Animal Friends investigates possible dog poisonings in McKeesport

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Animal Friends Probes Possible Dog Poisonings

KDKA-TV: Sick Dogs Have Pet Owners Concerned in McKeesport; Animal Friends Investigates

KDKA-TV: Animal Friends Humane Officers Investigating Source of Sickened McKeesport Dogs

WPXI-TV: Animal Friends investigating 3 possible dog poisonings in McKeesport

Examiner.com: Animal Friends' program matches pets with military veterans

Patch.com: Animal Friends Prepares for Swissvale's Spay/Neuter Program

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Doing a cool job for dogs at Animal Friends

JimKrenn.com: Krenn at Work! Jim Krenn spends a day at Animal Friends

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Jim Krenn to host variety show to benefit Animal Friends

Pittsburgh Tribune Review: Animal Friends Hosts Bow Wow Bingo

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Canine Comfort: They show there's a better way to build a doghouse for Animal Friends

Patch.com: Swissvale addresses stray cat issues with meeting

Patch.com: Animal Friends Volunteer Supports Rabbit Rescue

Examiner.com: Animal Friends' Chow Wagon Celebrates 5th Birthday 

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Animal Friends Assists in Bust of Major Dogfighting Operation

WPXI-TV: Animal Friends hosts first ‘Must Love Dogs’ speed dating event

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Dogs and cats granted late reprieve at Animal Friends

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Animal Friends hosts sold-out Black Tie & Tails benefit

WPXI-TV: Animal Friends rescues cats following raid

Dog Fancy Magazine: Lost Dog Finds a Home on New Year's Eve Through Animal Friends

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: A sold-out crowd gathers for Animal Friends' Black Tie & Tails

Patch.com: Animal Friends assists with cats in Leetsdale neighborhood

KDKA-TV: Animal Friends rescues cats from 2 houses in Garfield

KDKA-TV: Animal Friends full to capacity

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Beth Ostrosky Stern hosts party to benefit Animal Friends

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Animal Friends Investigates, Woman charged with using poison on neighbor's cats

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Helping hands (and paws) at Pitt: Bomb-sniffing dog leads Animal Friends pet food drive 

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Comedian Jim Krenn and wife Hedy's lives have gone to Animal Friends’ cats and dogs

Patch.com: Animal Friends Picks up 32 Stray Dogs over July Fourth

WPXI-TV: Carrick Woman Facing 64 Counts Of Animal Cruelty

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Carrick woman charged after 64 cats found in home

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Animal Friends and Jim and Hedy Krenn Host Garden Party

People Magazine: Jessa the Cat is Always Begging for a Belly Rub

Fox News: Animal Friends Investigates Cat Beheadings in Pennsylvania

WPXI-TV: Animal Friends Finds 2 Cats Beheaded in Sharpsburg

KDKA-TV: Animal Friends’ Chow Wagon Program in Need of Donations

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Animal Friends Severely Low on Food

KDKA-TV: Animal Friends Investigates More Animal Abuse in Sharpsburg

Patch.com: Animal Friends Needs Food Donations

Examiner.com: Animal Friends needs Pet Food Donations

WPXI-TV: Animal Friends Investigates Cruelty Case Involving Cat Deaths

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Thanks to a Sweet Cookie, Animal Friends Alum

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Animal Friends Hosts Garden Party

WPXI-TV: Animal Friends Finds 40+ Cats In Home

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Animal Friends celebrates cats, with a caveat

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Animal Friends celebrates birthday with telethon

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | Obituary: Lloyd E. Gluck, Longtime advocate for Animal Friends

North Hills School District | Gold Team raises $3,000 for Animal Friends

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | City council revives spay and neuter program

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: At Animal Friends, pets are Steelers fans too

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review | Dogs, cats lifted off thin ice for Animal Friends’ New Years Eve Rescue

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review| Holidays a ‘tough time’ for animals

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Injured puppy brought to Animal Friends

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Animal Friends Assists Squirrel Hill Food Pantry

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: How to enjoy cat's urge to scratch: Dr. Nicholas Dodman explains at Animal Friends

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Animals Friends' hosts "Black Tie & Tails: Recycled Pets Are Best" gala

Pittsburgh Tribune Review: Animal Friends' Recycled Pets are Best! gala a success

WPXI Channel 11: Dogs, Owners, Wear Costumes to Howl-O-Ween Parade at Schenley Park

USA TODAY: Fixable Litter Box Issues: Animal Friends Hosts Dr. Nicholas Dodman

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