Other Options and Home-to-Home Placements

Below, you'll find alternative suggestions in case you are unable to wait for an admissions appointment.

One alternative we offer is our Home to Home (H2H) program, which is for pet owners who want to place an owned animal from their home. To place a pet up for H2H adoption, simply complete an application verifying that the animal is spayed or neutered, has current vaccinations, and has never bitten a person. For cats, we require verification that they’ve tested negative for FIV and feline leukemia. We also request a biography and photo of the animal, which, along with the owner’s contact information, is posted on our website. Anyone interested in adopting an H2H animal works directly with the owner, who is responsible for making the decision about the animal’s placement…from home to home. Click here to learn more about the H2H process.

Other Resources

Red Rover: Bringing animals from crisis to care

Abandoned Kittens:  What to do if you find orphaned kittens

Pet Owners in Crisis: When You Feel that You Must Surrender a Pet

LifeLine Crisis Relief: When an unexpected personal disaster affects a family, LifeLine Crisis Relief grants can provide financial assistance to help families provide for their pets' immediate needs. Personal disasters may include: 

  • Large-scale disaster, such as a flood, wildfire or hurricane
  • House fire
  • Domestic violence situation
  • Unexpected death of a family member

United Animal Nations Recommended Programs
UAN has compiled a comprehensive directory of organizations in the United States and Canada that can provide financial assistance with veterinary care.

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