Third Party Event Proposal
Thank you for completing Animal Friends' Third Party Event / Fundraising Proposal. Please submit this form at least 60 days prior to your event for proper consideration of participation.
The questions marked with a star (*) require a response.

Proposed Event Name 
Event date and time: 
Location of proposed event and address: 
Do you have an alternate location? If so, where?  
Please submit a detailed summary of the event. This is the summary that will be used to post the event on our website.  
Event Chairperson: 
Other event committee members:  
What activities will take place? (raffles, auction, door prizes)  
Will there be a "suggested donation" for admission to the event?  
If yes, what will you request for admission?  
What portion of the proceeds will Animal Friends receive? (Ex. % of tickets, % of service offered, etc.)  
Based on the nature of the special event, is there a need for any of the following? Insurance
 No insurance or permits needed
If so, have you made provisions to secure these documents?  
What participation and/or resources do you need from Animal Friends? (check any that apply)  Posting event on Animal Friends' website
 Animal Friends' logo
 Volunteer Assistance
 Shelter Animals
 Animal Friends items for giveaways
 Animal Friends information table
Do you plan to solicit area businesses for donations?  
If yes, please explain how you will use these donations. PLEASE NOTE: A list of businesses must be submitted and all solicitation letters must be approved by the Director of Development prior to solicitation.  
Do you plan on using the Animal Friends logo or name? PLEASE NOTE: News releases, flyers/posters, and any interviews must be designed, written and/or pre-approved by the Director of Communications. 
Have you planned any fundraisers for Animal Friends in the past? 
Please list any other charities you have worked with. (Leave blank if you have not worked with any other charities.)  
Why do you wish to hold an event for Animal Friends?  
Please provide the event chairperson's contact information, including first and last name, address, city, state, zip and phone number. 
Does your event have its own website or Facebook page? If so, what is the URL?  

Third Party Event Proposal

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