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How did you hear about our Employ-A-Cat program?
Why are you interested in employing a cat?
When will you be ready to adopt? 
Have you had cats on your property before? 
Do you currently have other cats on your property? 
If so, are they all tested for Feline Leukemia? 
Have they all been spayed or neutered? 
If you have had cats on your property before that disappeared or were badly injured, please tell us what happened to them.
If one or more of your cats disappeared and did not return for a few days, what would you do?
Have you ever participated in the relocation of cats to your property before? 
Is there some type of temporary site acclimation enclosure where you can keep your cats securely confined for up to three weeks to imprint them on the sights, sounds, and smells of their new home? 
Are you financially able and willing to provide your cats with an ongoing source of food and water? 
Are you willing to provide your cats with veterinary care, if they need it, including trapping them to take them to a veterinarian? 
Are you financially able and willing to cover veterinary expenses in an emergency situation? 
What is the name and telephone number of your Veterinarian/Animal Clinic?
How many cats do you wish to adopt? 
Do you prefer (check all that apply) Feral/unsocialized cats
 Semi-social/interactive cats
 Friendly cats
 Doesn't Matter
Will you be the primary caregiver for the cats on your property? 
If the caregiver will be someone other than yourself, who would that person be? 
Who will take care of the cats if you are temporarily away from your property? 
Are all residents/staff on the property in favor of cats sharing the property? 
Are you the owner of the property? 
If so, do you have any plans to sell the property at some point in the future? 
If you move or sell the property in the future, will you commit to: (Check all that apply) Arranging for the cats' continuing care by the new property owner
 Take the cats with you
 Appropriately relocate the cats to another home
 Contact us if you are unable to make arrangements for the cats' ongoing care
Are you willing to let an agency representative visit your property for a site visit? 
If the location of your property is different from your residence, please provide the full address of your property.
On what type of property would the cats live? (Check all that apply) Barn
 Office Building
 Food/Grain Storage Facility
 Country Club
 Retail Store
If you chose "other" above, please describe where the cats will be living here:
Will the cats live (check all that apply): Indoors Only
 Outdoors Only
Will the cats have access to a heated, sheltered area in inclement weather? Yes
Will the cats be exposed or have access to any harmful chemicals or cleaning products? 
How far is the property from a road? 
Rate the activity level of the road: 
Rate the activity level of the property (1=quiet, 5=very active) 1
Are there dogs on your property that run loose? 
If so, how will you manage their interaction with cats who may never have been around dogs?
Are the dogs friendly with cats? 
Are there other predatory animals that visit the property where your cats will live (e.g. coyotes, large owls, bobcats, etc.)? 

Employ-A-Cat Application

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