Therapets Visitation Requests 

Animal Friends Therapets love to visit in our community! Our volunteer teams take their certified therapy animals to a variety of facilities throughout Southwestern Pennsylvania and we’re always happy to add new locations to our list of approved visiting sites!

Pet therapy visits are limited to volunteer availability, but we are always happy to learn more about your organization and work with you to find a Therapets Volunteer Team in your area. Therapy visits last approximately one hour and take place at your location. Some volunteers prefer to visit room to room and spend time with individual residents, while others prefer a community space to greet groups all together. We’ll work with you to try and find a perfect match.

We are also happy to recruit volunteers for one-time, special events!


Scheduled Visits or Special Events

If you are interested in requesting scheduled pet therapy visits or a special event, please contact Amy Martello, Therapeutic Services Coordinator at 412.847.7026 or


Animal Afternoons 

We also welcome small groups to join us at the Animal Friends campus for Animal Afternoons.  We invite an Animal Friends Therapets team to join us so the visitors can interact with an animal. We also provide a small snack, and finish up with a guided tour of the shelter! A $5 donation is suggested for each visitor. There is no cost for caregivers.

For more information please contact Amy Martello, Therapeutic Services Coordinator at 412.847.7026 or  

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