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Animal Friends has devoted the entire month of May to raising awareness of homeless animals in our region, supporting programs that work to reduce pet overpopulation and abuse, and celebrating the many ways pets enrich our lives.

We are asking everyone, “What has an animal done for you lately?” Whether it was an extra incentive to get active or a wiggly welcome at your front door, animals bring us joy. We think it’s time to return the favor. Join Animal Friends for 31 Days of Compassion and do something special for a homeless pet today!


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Here are some easy ways you can share compassion with animals in our community:


· Give Up Indulgences– Drink your coffee from home and donate what you would’ve spent on lattes at a coffee shop all month to Animal Friends. Or, give up your dry cleaning, give up your movie night and wait for the DVD to come out, or give up any other small luxury so that the animals in our community can live better lives.


· Show Your Love– Bake some healthy treats for your pet suing ingredients like sweet potato, pumpkin and peanut butter. Check the web for great recipes!


· Fund a day at Animal Friends– Gather your friends, family, and coworkers together to raise money to make an entire day of our humane programming possible. Click here to see the different options. Send an e-mail to everyone you know asking to help you raise the funding to make our programming possible. We will put a sign up honoring your commitment on the day you’ve made possible.


· Bark in the Dark– Plan a great night out with your canine friends at Animal Friends' Bark in the Dark humane walk and concert, August 23 at Hartwood Acres.


· Help a Neighbor– If you have an elderly neighbor who has pets, offer to walk their dog or feed their cat.


· In honor/In memory of– Create an online fundraiser so that your friends and family can make donations in honor or in memory of a special furry loved one or an animal lover. Or, ask people to donate money towards Animal Friends in honor of a birthday, anniversary, or any other special occasion.


· Casual Day– Ask your workplace if you could hold a “Casual Day” where employees can wear casual clothes or jeans for a day if they make a donation to Animal Friends.


· Stock our Shelves– Donate dry or canned cat or dog food to our Chow Wagon Pet Food Bank, which supports financially strapped pet owners.


· Beard/mustache growing contest– Ask all of your guy friends to start growing out their beards and mustaches in honor of Animal Friends. Register on Animal Friends' 31 Days of Compassion fundraising site and make your own donation page. Ask that people donate to your cause for the amount of time you spent growing your beard!


· Lemonade Stand & Bake Sale– Help your kids host a lemonade stand and bake sale in your community with the proceeds benefiting our animals. It will be a great way to have fun with your children while teaching them the value of a dollar. Drop off your proceeds at Animal Friends! May 3, 10, 17 or 24.  Click here to schedule a drop-off date for your proceeds.


· Social Media Donations– Share Animal Friends’ Facebook page on your wall to spread awareness.  You can use other forms of social media to spread awareness about compassion to animals, as well.


· Adopt a Pet – Now is the perfect time to adopt from Animal Friends. Stop by and let us introduce you to your new best friend!


· Get creative! There are many different ways to be compassionate and get involved in the mission of Animal Friends.


Click here to register and start fundraising for Animal Friends.

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