In-kind gifts enable Animal Friends to spend donations on quality care and services. We gratefully accept gifts of supplies during our operating hours.

Please understand that Animal Friends does not accept donations of rabbit-fur cat toys or non-USA made rawhides or chews.

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We're Beggin' You, Please!

Kids can make a big difference by organizing a supply drive in their classroom or community. Click here to check out some great fundraising ideas or download a special supply drive form here: Click here.


Our Animals Request

Please note that we are not requesting donations of newspapers at this time! (We receive so many, we must send most of them to our recycling bin!)


For our shelter dogs:

Leashes, Slip-leads, and Harnesses

Pee Pads

Red Barn, 1-5# logs (beef, turkey or lamb)

New Kongs (all sizes, red or black style only) and other Kong toys

American-made, pressed rawhides

Agility equipment: tunnels, tunnel weights, weave poles, jumps, pause tables, dog walks, scrambles, teeters

Collapsible dog crates (medium and large)

4 XL Aluminum Korunda Bunk Beds with Blue 4 oz. vinyl fabric

DAP (Dog Appeasing Pheromones)

DAP collars

Nylabones or Nylabone brand products

Milkbone brand biscuits (size puppy or small)

Leather dog muzzles (all sizes)

Canned Chicken

Chill out Spray

30” leather training leashes


For our shelter cats:

Cat litter (clay and clumping)

Heating Pads (24-hour, no automatic shut off control)

Rice Packs

Nursing Bottles

Kitten Milk Replacement (powdered and premixed)

Feliway for cats (spray, not diffusers)

Cat teasers on sticks (No bunny fur, please)

New safe cat collars, 8-12”

New cardboard cat carriers

New cat litter pans, various sizes

Cat beds (donut type)

Pillow cases, used as cat bed covers (yellow, purple, blue or orange)


For our shelter bunnies:

Rabbit habitats large enough for two bonded rabbits (no wire bottoms)

Exercise pens - 24", 36" and 48"

Tunnels for rabbit play

Toss toys

Ramps for rabbit play

Oxbow Timothy Hay

Oxbow Timothy Pellets

Heavy water crocks


For all shelter animals:

Ex-pens (any height)

Approved toys from Animal Friends store

Baby Scale

Collapsible wire crates

Fleece blankets

Bath Towels


Pro bono ad space in local papers, billboards, media and community newsletters

Donated printing services

Prepaid gas cards

Hand sanitizer

Hydrogen Peroxide, Rubbing Alcohol

Cleaning supplies and Clorox Wipes


Contact Us

For more information about any of the items listed here, or to discuss setting up a supply drive within your office or organization, please call 412.847.7051 or email us at



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