At Animal Friends, our mission is to genuinely know the animals in our care. We know which rabbit loves dandelion greens the most or which dog would be a great running partner or which cat will happily climb into your lap for a cuddle. We also know who will take a little bit longer to open up or who’s on a special diet because she was overfed in a former home or who is incredibly sweet but, at times, a little sassy.

The Mission: Adoptable Program was designed with these unique residents in mind. These are the residents that tend to be overlooked, for various reasons, by potential adopters. We already know it’s not impossible to adopt these animals into homes. It’s just that their families may take a bit longer to find them. This program gives special attention to match suitable adopters with these animals.

We know they’ll require additional care and because of that, you’ll receive special counseling prior to adoption. You’ll also get a package specifically tailored to each animal to help to make a smooth transition into your home – maximizing the likelihood of a forever pet-adopter match. Your mission, should you choose to accept, will be to make them a loving addition to your family.


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Mission: Adoptable

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