When you choose a Mission: Adoptable cat not only will you get a wonderful furry friend, but you will also receive these added benefits to better acclimate your new pet into your home:

- Individualized matchmaking and counseling by a trained Adoption Counselor.
- Waived adoption donation, one dose of heartworm preventative for the month following adoption.
- Access to Animal Friends’ Behavior Hotline.
- A lifetime of complimentary nail trims.
- 20% off any purchase in the Animal Friends Retail Store on the day of adoption.
- 10% lifetime discount for all purchases in the Animal Friends Retail Store.
- Continuing support from Animal Friends Adoption Department to address any questions or concerns.

Plus additional benefits that will help your chosen Mission: Adoptable animal settle into your home!

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Kit Kat

This pretty girl does not belong in a shelter! Kit Kat was adopted in 2003 from Animal Friends but had to return after 10 years due to a development of severe allergies to cats. Kit Kat is now 12-years young and would love a quiet household without children.

While Kit Kat enjoys a good play session but she can become overstimulated fairly quickly. Kit Kat’s adopters would need to understand this and be able to pick up on these signs so that the play didn’t escalate too far. Kit Kat does enjoy chasing feather toys and has shown an affinity for jingle balls as well. She can easily become a lap cat, as long as it is her idea! She enjoys taking a nap on her heated cat-bed but won't say no to napping on your bed as well. Kit Kat's foster mom has seen her slowly come around and start to ask for attention more often. But Kit Kat would appreciate being the only cat in your home to compete for your attention.

Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to give Kit Kat a loving home!

In addition to the above Mission: Adoptable benefits, Kit Kat's new family will receive the contact information for one of Kit Kat's best friends. This personal advisor will be available to give advice on how to best acclimate Kit Kat into your home.

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Solar is a ray of sunshine that initially hid behind the clouds but is now ready to shine! He was rescued by our Humane Investigations Department from a less than ideal living situation. He was extremely fearful and remained unable to be touched for months. He was shy and scared, which makes sense considering where he came from! Solar has made a lot of progress and is now a happy and friendly cat who enjoys the company of others cats.

Upon admit, we discovered that Solar is FIV+, which means he has Feline Immunodeficiency Virus. But cats that test positive for FIV are completely capable of living normal, healthy lives as long as they are taken to the vet regularly! They are more susceptible to kitty colds and other minor sicknesses so they need to be monitored carefully. FIV can only be transferred from cat to cat; it does not spread between species.

Because of this, Solar needs to go home with a family that either does not have another cats or that he go home with another FIV+ buddy! Solar is a sweet boy who has been at the shelter way too long and really deserves the comforts of a loving home. He is a sun bather and a lounger at heart.

Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to give Solar the loving home he has been waiting so long for!

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