When you choose a Mission: Adoptable rabbit not only will you get a lifetime furry friend, but you will also receive these added benefits to better acclimate your new pet into your home:

- Individualized matchmaking and counseling by a trained Adoption Counselor.
- Waived adoption donation.
- One dose of heartworm preventative for the month following adoption.
- Access to Animal Friends’ Behavior Hotline.
- A lifetime of nail trims.
- Contact information for a personal rabbit mentor.
- 20% off any purchase in the Animal Friends Retail Store on the day of adoption.
- 10% off lifetime discount for all purchases in the Animal Friends Retail Store.
- Continuing support from Animal Friends Adoption Department to address any questions or concerns.
- A bunny bonding session with an instructor.
- A rabbit care workshop with an instructor.
- A grooming session with an instructor.
- An exercise pen.

More Mission:Adoptable rabbits coming soon!









Mission: Adoptable Rabbits

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