Presentations at your preschool

Presentations at your school or facility

Making a reservation for a presentation or assembly at your school during the school year

Making a reservation for a presentation or assembly at your facility during the summer

Presentations at your Preschool

  • For ages 4-5 only
  • Dog safety lesson and dog interaction (30 minutes)
  • Optional additional lesson on responsible pet care (15 minutes)
  • We can visit up to three classrooms with no more than 20 students per classroom.
  • We must see a minimum of 15 students to travel to your facility.

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Presentations at your School/Facility

Our presentations meet Pennsylvania Academic Standards 10.2.3.A, 10.2.3.E, 10.3.3.A, and 10.3.3.B.

  • We must see a minimum of 20 students to travel to your facility.
  • Teachers must stay in the room and monitor the behavior of the students.
  • One visiting dog can visit up to three classrooms per day for petting with no more than 25 students per classroom. Our ability to visit more than three classrooms in one day is dependent upon the availability of Humane Education volunteers' visiting dogs.
  • We can visit individual classrooms (kindergarten, Life Skills, physical education) or offer grade-level or whole-school assemblies.

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Make a reservation for a presentation/assembly at your school during the school year.

Thank you for your interest in having Animal Friends visit your site.

We are currently accepting reservations for school visits held Jan.-May 2018. Click here to submit your request. We will begin taking reservations for Sept.-Dec. 2018 in late August. Due to limited volunteer and staff availability, we usually are not able to accommodate requests that ask for a specific date. We request that you please be willing to be flexible so that we can find a date that works for both you and the presenter. 

  • We request at least a one-month notice to visit your school.          
  • Due to the large number of requests that we receive to visit schools in April and May, all requests for visits held in April or May must be submitted by March 31. However, due to high demand, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to fulfill all requests for April or May even if they are submitted by March 31. Most of our spring presentations are set up in January or February.
  • Tuition for presentations/assemblies during the school year is at least one item per student from our Supply Drive list.
  • Additional monetary donations are welcome via our Kind Kids Program. Student groups can name an animal for every $75 donated.
  • Please note that the Humane Education program no longer attends Health and Safety Fairs, and all visits must be held indoors. 

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Making a reservation for a presentation/assembly at your facility during the summer

  • Thank you for your interest in Animal Friends visiting your summer camp program. While our off-site visits during the school year (September - May) are free, we charge tuition for our summer off-site visits (June - August).
  • Tuition for Humane Education visits at your facility for summer 2018 are as follows:
  • 20 - 50 students, 1-2 presentations with petting opportunity, $50
  • 51 - 75 students, 3 presentations with petting opportunity, $75
  • 76 or more students, 1 presentation without petting opportunity, $75
  • Tuition for presentations/assemblies at your facility during the summer should be paid one week in advance via credit card or check made out to "Animal Friends". Supply drive items from our Supply Drive list are not required but are welcome.
  • We will begin taking reservations for the summer of 2018 in early May. Please check back at that time for the available reservation link. We are no longer accepting requests via email, phone or in person.
  • Please see the sections "Presentations at your preschool" and "Presentations at your school/facility" for details about the visit itself.
  • Our ability to visit other organizations' summer camp programs is limited by the availability of Animal Friends' volunteers when they are not scheduled at Animal Friends' June - August summer camp sessions. We will attempt to fulfill as many requests as possible to visit other site’s programs, based on volunteer availability. We thank you in advance for understanding that Animal Friends’ own summer camp program must be our first priority.
  • We no longer attend Health and Safety Fairs for humane education presentations, and all summer visits must be held indoors.

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