Expectations of Court-Ordered or School-Mandated Community Service Volunteers


1. Jobs you will be asked to do may include, but are not limited to donation sorting, sweeping and mopping, dishes, loading and unloading food and/or laundry, general cleaning, landscaping and other assorted jobs as needed.

2. You are required to arrive ready to work. You must report to the on-site Volunteer Department staff member, when you arrive, for all breaks and when you leave.

3. You will receive an orange volunteer badge from the Volunteer Department staff member when you check in on the first day you report for service. You are required to wear this badge in a visible location during your shift. You are also required to return your badge to the Volunteer Department staff member when clocking out for the day.

4. A minimum of three hours per shift is required.

5. Court-ordered and school-mandated community service volunteers are only allowed to complete time during posted hours or unless prior approval by the Director of Volunteer Services has been given. If any unscheduled hours are performed, they will not be counted toward your community service hour.

6. Clock in and out daily. Each person is responsible for clocking in and out each day he/she is scheduled to work. If the hours are not documented, no credit will be given.

7. Stay productive. Loafing, sleeping on the job or other unproductive use of time is prohibited.

8. Breaks are 15 minutes long and you can take one break for every four hours worked. If you are working an 8-hour day, two 15-minute breaks and a 30-minute lunch break are allowed. A break room is available with a refrigerator.

9. Water and beverage/snack vending machines are on site.

10. If your work is complete, please report to a Volunteer Department staff member or the staff member who assigned your task – there are always dishes to be washed or laundry to be done. If you need additional work and those staff members are not available, please wait in the Volunteer Center until staff is available to give direction.

11. Remember at all times you are representing Animal Friends so always be courteous to staff, volunteers and the public.

12. Court-ordered or school-mandated community service volunteers are to park at the far end of the parking lot closest to the road to allow closer parking for our guests.

13. At any time you can be dismissed from your court-ordered or school-mandated community service hours at Animal Friends’ discretion. Animal Friends reserves the right to dismiss volunteers for unacceptable work habits or not following procedures and policies. You will be given credit for the hours that you have worked. If you are found in violation of any of the above rules, you will be terminated and the proper authorities will be notified.

14. Letters of completion/confirmation of hours served must be given to the court-ordered or school-mandated community service volunteer. Animal Friends will not send or verify this information on the volunteer’s behalf. It is the responsibility of the volunteer to personally receive the letter from the Volunteer Department and give it to the court or applicable party. A 48-hour lead time is required to prepare the documentation. An appointment must be scheduled with the Volunteer Department staff to arrange pick-up. Please take this into consideration when completing hours to ensure there is enough time to receive the letter prior to the court date.

Community Service Expectations

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