’43 Friends engages Pittsburgh’s most creative, ambitious and philanthropic professionals to support Animal Friends’ lifesaving mission. This select group of 43 professionals (and the pets who inspire them!) will be honored for their career success, involvement in our community and contribution to the growth of our region.

The number 43 was chosen as a way for us to reflect on our humble beginnings when we were founded in 1943, and celebrate how Animal Friends has evolved into the progressive, visionary organization that it is today.

And, we know that with the commitment of this group of 43 friends, lives will be saved and communities will be enriched.


Our 2018 Class of '43 Friends

Lead Honorary Chairs

Dan Burda and Steven Perrine

Honorary Co-Chairs

Christine and Connor Robinette

Teams of Two

Rocco and Laura Cozza

Kristi Gedid and Richard Fersch

Neil and Niki Walker


Brooke Anderson

Michelle Bartlett

Gina Carlos

Jeannie Curran

Erika Daxbeck

Anthony DeStefano

Heather Dougherty

Brian Fosnott

Camille Galmarini

Michael Harding

Kristen Hemmings

Dustin Hook

Tara Johnson

Katie O’Malley

Michelle Pons

Michelle Repp

Stefania Romoff

Cindy Russell

Patty Swisher

Jen Viglione

Abbey Walters

Laura White 

We simply cannot wait to celebrate the success of our '43 Friends.

The candidates of '43 Friends will each commit to raising at least $2,500 for individuals and $4,000 for teams of two. Fundraising will occur from May to September 2018. 

Nomination Form

To nominate a professional (or yourself!), complete the nomination form below.

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What do you hope the nominee will gain with this experience? 
How has Animal Friends impacted the nominee or how could Animal Friends impact it in the future? 
Why would the nominee be a good candidate for '43 Friends? 
If this is a nomination for someone other than yourself, please include your name and phone number 



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