The hallmark of our Howard Ash Animal Wellness Center will be on the development of a fully equipped public spay/neuter surgery clinic that will facilitate a significant expansion of Animal Friends’ current low-cost spay/neuter services. Complementing the surgery center will be a pet vaccination clinic targeting limited-income pet owners. The clinic will provide affordable vaccines and medications as well as offer assessment of basic pet care issues and referrals to our veterinarian partners for treatment options.

The Animal Wellness Center will also address organizational challenges. The development of office and warehouse space will improve operational efficiencies and allow for an expansion of our community-based Chow Wagon Pet Food Bank, which currently provides 30,000 pounds of donated pet food to local food pantries annually.

Additionally, the basement level will strengthen our Humane Investigations program by providing more streamlined and effective evaluation and processing of animals who have been confiscated from neglectful or abusive situations while allowing for proper storage of case evidence.

This new 18,400-square foot facility will serve tens of thousands of individuals and their pets in our region annually by providing at least 15,000 spay/neuter surgeries, 30,000 low-cost vaccinations, pet food for 10,000 families through our Chow Wagon Pet Food Bank program and safe haven for nearly 2,500 animals through our Humane Investigations program.

With your support of our new Howard Ash Animal Wellness Center, together we can build a stronger and healthier community that will benefit both pets and people.

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