Committed, passionate and dedicated supporters are the lifeblood of any non-profit organization. Whether they come in the form of volunteers, donors, advocates or program users, they are so valued and appreciated. So imagine how blessed we at Animal Friends feel to have a husband and wife team that fits into each one of those categories and supports our mission in a heartfelt, generous and humble way.

As prominent Pittsburghers on the corporate and philanthropic scene, Stefania and Jeffrey Romoff are a busy couple engaged in various medical and social causes throughout the region. Though neither is originally from Pittsburgh, they were welcomed to the city with open arms and now feel it’s only natural to want to give back.

As President & CEO of UPMC for more than two decades, Jeffrey Romoff understands the importance of a healthy community and access to quality care. And, we are grateful that his commitment extends to both two- and four-legged members of our community. As leading supporters of Animal Friends’ Capital Campaign, it is clear that Animal Friends holds a special place for both of the Romoffs, although it is particularly dear to Stefania’s heart.

Born and raised in Milan, Italy, Stefania’s passion and empathy for animals was evident from a very early age. As a young girl, Stefania viewed the many cats that roamed freely throughout her town as her own personal projects and saw to it that they were fed, cared for and doted upon.

It was the passing of her beloved cat Emma in 2009 that brought Stefania to Animal Friends to “just look.” Not surprisingly, she went home with Isa and Bea, two cats who had been rescued from a tragic hoarding situation. “It was Emma who guided me to the place where I not only found my Isa and Bea,” says Stefania, “but also my passion.” From there, volunteering was simply the next logical step.

Not only did Stefania quickly become a much respected development volunteer and cat socializer, she also opened her home by fostering cats who needed a little extra care. She found she couldn’t resist adding two feline brothers – Jack and Kiefer – to the family after nursing them back to health. Four cats seem to be the perfect balance in the Romoff household. With the smile of a proud mother, Stefania exclaims, “I can’t imagine my life without them!”

In just a few short years, Stefania has become a core part of the Animal Friends family. She serves on our Board of Directors, as Chair of the Development Committee and she is currently the Fundraising Chair of the Animal Wellness Center Capital Campaign. Under her leadership, over 90% of the campaign’s $8.5 million goal has already been raised thanks to her energy and tenacity.

Beyond the dollars and cents of the campaign, Stefania sees firsthand the loving, but too often tragic, relationships people have with their pets. Almost always, the tragic side is rooted in financial crisis and not knowing where to turn for help.

When asked why they are so committed to supporting the Animal Wellness Center project, Jeffrey and Stefania quickly respond, “It’s simple. We know we are very fortunate. We can afford to take care of our loved ones – both human and four-legged – no matter what they need. We deeply believe it is our responsibility to assist others to live better, healthier and safer lives.”

And for that, we – and thousands of pets and pet owners in need – are forever grateful

Donor Spotlight: Stefania and Jeffrey Romoff

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