We're excited to introduce our 2017 class of Animal Friends '43 Friends! Together, this select group of professionals (and the pets who inspire them!) are making our community a more compassionate place. With their career successes, involvement in our community and contributions to growth in our region along with their commitment to Animal Friends' lifesaving mission, lives will be saved and communities will be enriched.

We simply cannot wait to celebrate the success of our ’43 Friends.

Neil and Niki Walker

Dustin Hook

Deb Doyle

Amanda Greenberg

Amanda Puhlman

April Hubal

Bill Fletcher

Bonnie Loya

Brittany Carlon

Brooke Anderson

Christen Malone

Dan and Sherry Ringer

Dan Burda and Steven Perrine

Dan Lavallee

Danielle Mashuda

David Swisher

Debbie Kane

Dunnegan McKay

Erika Daxbeck

Ethan Stachowilz

Harry Johnson

Jan Kerr and Clark Nicklas

Jason and Caitlin Ewing

Jason Bertocchi

Jeff and Jenn Mulrooney

Jessie Van Swearingen

Kent Beaver

Keri Bozich

Mallory Milchak

Peggy Archinaco and Helen Behn

Marlene Wirfel

Melissa Ernst and Aaron Doubt

Melissa Pizzi-Evans

Meredith Ambrose

Michelle Martin

Rick Tutich

Ryan Brandt

Sean Bogosta

Shawna Foyle

Stefania Romoff

Stephanie Christiana

Stephanie Monroe

Tammie Smelko

Tim Komen and Damian Ruyechan

'43 Friends Honorees

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