As part of Rescued for the Holidays, animal lovers from across our region are teaming up to raise the critical funds we need to rescue dogs, cats and rabbits this holiday season. We know once these animals come through our doors, the best gift of all – the gift of a second chance – is theirs.

Through our dedicated partners, they will be rescued from a life on the streets. Rescued from the hands of abusive owners. Rescued from giving birth to litter after unwanted litter. Rescued ... and given hope.

Your participation is especially critical this year. We need to raise a total of $425,000 between now and Dec. 31 to continue our lifesaving work.

And, it's simple. Make a gift of any amount yourself, or gather some likeminded, compassionate friends and family and start spreading the word as a team! Team goals range from $1,000 to $10,000 and come with great interactive benefits that are sure to touch your heart.

So, make this holiday season the most meaningful ever by becoming a part of Animal Friends' Rescued for the Holidays.

Your heart will thank you. And so will the animals you save.

Rescued for the Holidays

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