Gifts come in many shape and sizes. But we all know that the best gift won't come in a box at all. It won't have shiny wrapping or bright ribbons. It isn't something you can hold in your hands ... but you can certainly feel it in your heart.

It's a life saved.

At Animal Friends, we know this is the best gift of all. And, that's exactly what you'll find below – numerous opportunities to touch, improve and save lives.

Whether it's a second ... or third ... chance for a homeless animal, low-cost wellness care for a pet whose family just can't make ends meet or the comfort of a therapy animal to ward off depression or loneliness – each gift is just as critical as the next.

We hope you will make a gift – or two or three – to show which programs are closest to your heart.

We promise they will be more meaningful than anything you may find in a store.


Keepsake Cards

For every gift made to Animal Friends, we’ll be sure to send you a corresponding keepsake card for that person who has everything – or for yourself.

Please hurry! We will send your keepsake cards upon receipt of your gift through Jan. 31.

The Best Gift of All

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