Surrendered to Animal Friends by his former owner, Mickey was in bad shape. He was emaciated, matted, flea-ridden and in dire need of medical attention.

Once he was in our care, our Medical team jumped into action. But instead of finding relief for sweet Mickey, we only found more complex medical issues … a heart murmur, severe dental disease and hyperthyroidism. So, we immediately began treatment for all of his conditions.

Initially, Mickey was reluctant to eat, but with the help of appetite stimulants he began on his own … however, solving his in-appetence only brought on severe gastrointestinal issues.

From there we placed him on supportive IV fluids to treat dehydration, and medication to control his chronic digestive upset and weight loss.

Despite his compounding medical concerns, we won’t give up on Mickey. We know he deserves a place to live out his days with dignity, compassion and respect which is why he was recently placed in a hospice foster home. And, he’ll stay there for as long as he needs.

Initial physical exams and setting broken bones to caring for advanced tumors and battling infectious diseases are all a part of our daily diagnoses and treatments.

Animal Friends’ commitment is to provide our animals the highest quality, comfortable, healthy experience while in our care.

With your help, we can continue to promise an unlimited number of hours and days – even years – of specialized attention.





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