On a visit to the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh in the Hill District, a group of children were enjoying the company of our therapy rabbits, reading to them and getting in some quality one-on-one time. Three young boys came in and began poking fun at the group, laughing, taunting and name-calling. The boys were reprimanded and left.

But a short time later one of the boys returned.

He wasn’t there to tease. Instead, he asked for a book so he could read to one of the rabbits. The volunteers helped him pick out a book and he began reading to one of the therapy rabbits.

No sooner than he had turned the first page, the two other boys returned, this time mocking their friend for doing “kid stuff” and being a “baby.” The boy just kept reading to the rabbit.

A few minutes later, the boys returned again. But this time it was to join their friend.

By the end of the day, the three boys sat there, reading to the rabbits and enjoying the positive company a therapy animal can provide.

This sight was incredibly sweet to see. But to us, it’s much deeper than what meets the eye. It’s the first critical step in preparing the next generation to appreciate creatures in all forms. That’s the goal of our Literacy and Humane Education programs.

With your support, we can reach more children with our message of kindness and acceptance.



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