On the sixth and seventh days of Christmas Animal Friends gave to Pixel and Honey two spay/neuter surgeries!

The need for accessible and affordable spay/neuter programming comes in all shapes and sizes. But one particularly heartwarming story comes to mind. It’s about a client of our community outreach program and her two dogs, Honey and Pixel. But we’ll let the staff member who experienced it firsthand tell you about it …

I headed out to a client’s home to pick up a little Chihuahua, Honey, to be brought back to Animal Friends for her spay. As I’m putting Honey into a carrier, I see a small Shih Tzu, Pixel, out of the corner of my eye. The poor guy was covered in mats from nose to tail.

It turns out someone had left him on my client’s front porch and tied it to her door. She couldn’t turn her back on Pixel so she took him. She knew he needed help. But no matter how many times she tried to take him to a groomer she couldn’t get him into a carrier. You see little Pixel was in so much pain from the severe matting that he couldn’t endure any type of handling.

I asked her permission to take the little dog to the shelter, and give him a haircut and neuter him. She jumped with joy and accepted my offer. So with much luck and finesse I was able to get him back to Animal Friends.

And so we shaved Pixel down. Once the mats were gone, he immediately kissed and hugged our vet techs. The little guy felt so much better and was no longer in any pain!

Upon the return home, the woman cried and held me for a moment as she continuously thanked me for saving her dogs life. I left her home with tears in my eyes and joy in my heart. It was an incredible feeling to know we made a difference in more than one life that day.

It’s the moments like these that we at Animal Friends strive for – helping those who need it most. But to keep these services available through the end of the year we need you.

You can help pets – just like Pixel and Honey. Click here to donate now.

And thanks to an incredibly generous challenge from an anonymous donor your donation will be matched dollar for dollar up to $100,000 through Dec. 31.

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