3 Great Reasons to Adopt a Cat This Month

By Siri Espy, Animal Friends’ Communications Team

This fall, feline fanciers will find that Animal Friends can help you save in three ways!

  1. Adopting a cat as a snuggle buddy can lead to big savings on your heat bill! There’s nothing like a cat to provide cozy warmth on a chilly day – the bigger and fluffier, the better!
  2. Cat adoptions are priceless, meaning that the usual requested adoption donation has been waived for all kitties over age 2! And, referring to #1 above, older cats are more likely to sit on your lap and keep you warm!
  3. For every cat adopted from Animal Friends, two are saved – the one adopted, and the one who can move into a now empty cage. Knowing that you’ve helped save two lives – now that’s a warm feeling!

As you may have seen in the news, Animal Friends has been overwhelmed with cats due to several large rescues and the economy. What this translates into is a full house, including cats of every age, size, description and personality. We’re doing everything we can to help you save – help us save lives by adopting and sharing with your friends!

Helene the cat is pictured above, enjoying some rest with her canine friend in a foster home. Helene is looking for a permanent home…maybe yours!

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