A Family Bond

By Corrie Stallings, Adoption Coordinator

In fall of last year, we received a call about an unexpected litter of rabbits. In total, there were eight baby bunnies who needed a safe place to grow, and we welcomed them with open arms at Animal Friends.

Mellow and Carrot Top were two of the bunnies from that litter. The brother and sister duo spent several months in our care. With the help of our dedicated volunteers and fosters, they grew up healthy and strong and eventually they were ready to find homes of their own. As they settled in, Mellow and Carrot Top began showing their silly personalities and it was discovered that they were both enrichment super stars! They loved participating in the varied enrichment activities organized by our behavior staff and volunteers on a daily basis.

This spring, two experienced rabbit adopters came in for a meet and greet appointment with our Adoption team. They were initially interested in a different bunny, but once they got to see all of the rabbits out and about during a BunRun, they noticed Mellow and Carrot Top and it was love at first sight! Many potential adopters already have a rabbit in their home and are interested in bonding their current rabbit with a new rabbit, a process that takes time and lots of patience. In the case of Mellow and Carrot Top, we already knew they enjoyed each other’s company and so would be perfect candidates to go home together. Their new family provides us with regular updates on their daily antics in the home and they are as happy as ever.

Mellow and Carrot Top’s family shared that the pair are quite the night owls!

They enjoy running around and playing with each other in the wee hours of the morning. They love their hay and the family often finds it in every nook and cranny of the home, even in their cars! Mellow and Carrot Top have become so comfortable with their family that they will often jump right onto their laps for an unexpected cuddle session. They continue to enjoy enrichment and even mastered a new puzzle feeder on their first try! While the brother and sister have quite the energetic side, they also love nothing more than snuggling up with each other. They are almost completely in sync at all times, drinking water from the same bowl at the same time and even hopping in sync. These two silly bunnies bring laughter and joy to the home each and every day and we could not be happier that they found their perfect fit.

From their arrival at Animal Friends as little babies to watching them thrive as adults in their home, we could not be happier for these two! Happy Tails, Mellow and Carrot Top.

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