Adopt A Senior Pet Month: Hershey

Photo credit: Linda Mitzel

You can teach an old dogs new tricks but won’t have to with sweet Hershey, our 8-yearold Beagle/German Shepard mix. Hershey enjoys knowing and performing basic commands, especially for treats, and would enjoy a new family who will take advantage of her education. This smart lady is even a candidate for graduate school (or, well, advanced training classes!).
We have noticed that Hershey can take a little while to bond with new people, though once she does she is quite the cuddle-bug and we expect that she will enjoy many cold winter evenings cuddling with her new family.
Hershey has proven herself house trained and will not require lots of indoor clean up like some youngsters. She enjoys a good game of fetch and a lovely neighborhood walk, but does not require miles of jogging to keep her happy and healthy.
Adopting a mature dog who requires less time to settle in is certainly easier than training a puppy, and you have the added advantage of meeting their “adult” personality at the very beginning of your relationship. Becoming a senior pet parent is likely to lower your blood pressure and anxiety, but, in this case, without the added worry of chewed up furniture or potty training!
This November we are celebrating the advantages of adopting our mature dogs during AdoptaSeniorPet Month, and even at 8-years young, Hershey qualifies as what we refer to as a Red Collar Pet (think Red Hat Society!). This means that her adopters receive special benefits from Animal Friends. Additionally, if Hershey’s adopters are also mature (aged 60+) their adoption donation will be subsidized by Animal Friends Golden Age Retrievers Program. 
Hershey is up to date on all of her vaccinations, is microchipped and spayed. If you would like to share your home with a dog as sweet as Hershey, please stop in to Animal Friends today!
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