Alba’s Story

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When we rescued Alba, she was 4 years old, and had never experienced love or kindness. In fact, it’s likely she never experienced anything outside of a single shed. She’d been forced to have litter after litter of puppies. Her skin was dirty, dry, and flaky. She was missing half of an ear.

But the physical pain Alba was living with was nothing compared to her emotional pain. Poor Alba was terrified. She was afraid to eat treats, go for walks, or even leave her crate. Our medical and behavior experts and dedicated volunteers worked for months to earn her trust and guide her towards rehabilitation.

One of our experts, Lauren, felt a special bond with Alba, and worked with her every day. Still, sweet, scared Alba seemed afraid for her life … but Lauren wouldn’t give up.

At Animal Friends, we talk a lot about second chances. The truth is, Alba received second, third, and fourth chances … We gave her every chance, leaving no stone unturned. We could do that because of your donations, which provide shelter, care, and a new life for homeless animals — even those like Alba with difficult journeys.

And it’s so important that you give now. You’ll help power the lifesaving programs that save pets like Alba, and make sure that we make the most of this matching gift.

Today, I’m so happy to tell you that Alba found a home, where she’s discovering the simple joys of being a member of a family. In fact, she lives with Lauren, whose bond with her proved to be unbreakable! But so many animals like Alba need and deserve the same chance.



Hear more of Alba’s amazing journey from her adopter and Animal Friends’ Chief Lifesaving Officer, Lauren: