An Update from Atticus (and his mom, Katie Tontala!)

Guest blogger:  Atticus with help from Katie Tontala
Hi Everybody!
            I know it’s been quite a while since I gave yunz an update, but, as you can tell by my picture, I have been keeping very busy… and am very tuckered out!  After months of listening to my unrelenting whining and banging on the screen door, my hard work finally paid off! I now get to wear my leash outdoors and explore the backyard.  I love to walk around all the paths in the garden, drink out of the pond and frequently “stop and smell the roses”.  This drives our neighbor dog crazy and she runs up and down the fence to try to keep track of me.  I secretly love to tease her up by playing hide and seek in the bushes. Dogs can be so silly sometimes.  Mom said that since my harness is getting tighter and tighter around my belly, we are going to start practicing walking down the block.  Sounds like fun to me!
            More happy news! I have a new brother, Ezra!  Guess what?  He is also blind.  I have been trying to teach him the ropes, but he is not quite as brave as me yet.  We had a little bit of a rocky start.  At first, because we couldn’t see each other, we would literally run into each other scare the bejeebies out of each other.  But now we know each others scents and can recognize the jingle of the bells on our collars, so no more surprise meetings!  He doesn’t hiss at me too much any more and he knows I like to nap in the hallway, so he just walks right around me.  Blind cats really are the smartest!
            Because of all the comments written on the blogs, my mom took your advice and wrote a children’s book.  It’s called “I Can See with My Ears, Nose and Whiskers”  and guess who’s the hero in the book?  She said the reason it took her so long to finish it was because I was such a critical editor, next time she is using Ezra.  Mom is working on sending it to publishers, so I’ll let you know how it goes.
            I want you all to know that I absolutely love my forever home. My only regret is that there are still so many special kitties at the shelter waiting to find a place to call home. Because they might be older or may have to eat special food or take medicine, they have a harder time finding their forever home.  There is a reason why we are called “special needs” kitties-it’s because we “especially need” a home. Give them a chance and they will show you how special they really are!
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