Animal Friends’ Adoption Counselors present: Chloe!

Guest Blogger: Cortney Ressler

My name is Cortney, and I’m an Adoption Counselor for Animal Friends. When you visit Animal Friends in search of your new best feline friend, there’s one girl that you may overlook.  Not because she’s an unattractive cat–she’s quite stunning with big green eyes! But unlike our bouncy kittens, she may be nestled up in her cubby napping with her head tucked into her tail or she may be calmly peeking out of her kennel window watching the hustle and bustle of the shelter go by. You might even overlook her because of her choppy haircut that leaves her looking like she’s wearing furry little boots (we had to shave her down for her own comfort). Or maybe her age may cause you to think twice about this sweet girl.

As Adoption Counselors, we see those bouncy kittens come and go and as the older cats stick around patiently waiting we have a chance to get to know their wonderful personalities and the love our older residents have to give.

The first time I said hello to Chloe, she perked her ears up and slowly stretched out of her nap and made her way to the front of her kennel where she leaned her head into my hand and graciously accepted the chin scratches I had to offer. She has a cute curiosity to her that makes her personality shine through. Her soft, mature demeanor is perfect for someone looking for a calm companion. More particularly, Chloe is looking for an extra special home that can accommodate her fixed schedule of receiving insulin twice a day. She happens to be one of our very lovable diabetic residents.  Animals Friends will provide her new adopter with the supplies they need to easily manage her diabetes at cost. 

Within the first few minutes of meeting her, Chloe will surely capture your heart, as she has with so many staff and volunteers!

Check out Chloe’s bio here: and then come meet her at Animal Friends!

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