Animal Friends and Big Science Music present: The Healing Power of Pets

The healing power of the human-animal bond is nothing short of astounding.  Pet owners tend to have better psychological wellbeing and fewer minor health problems.  From lowering our blood pressure and reducing stress to enhancing self-esteem and empathy in our children, pets seem to carry that holiday spirit of compassion with them all year round.  There is so much we can learn from them and so much we can enjoy by allowing them to be a part of our lives!

One of the simplest ways animals enhance our lives is through the power of smiles.  Have you ever noticed how a child’s face immediately lights up at the sight of an adorable kitten?  What about a bed-ridden hospital patient who gets a visit from a therapy dog?  A simple smile changes your brain chemistry to put you in a better mood.  What better to make you smile after a long day at work than a wiggly-butt waiting for you when you arrive home?

If you’ve already got an animal companion, consider spreading some smiles.  Invite your neighbors over for coffee so they can receive some loving purrs from your cat.  Stop and visit with folks along the way next time you take your dog for a walk.  Share a silly video of your bunny getting into trouble with friends online.  The benefits of interacting with an animal are many, but just making us smile is one of the greatest gifts they give.

Part of our vision here at Animal Friends is to promote the human-animal bond and we hope you’ll ring in the New Year with as many smiles as possible.  We guarantee that bringing a new furry friend into your family will give you plenty of reasons to smile!


Click here to watch a great video by Big Science Music!

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