Animal Friends’ Home-to-Home program presents: Snuggles!

Hi. I’m Snuggles! My name is a bit of a joke because I am not the “snuggly” kind, but don’t form an opinion yet! I am a very well-behaved cat who prefers not to be picked up and cuddled. I am a 4½-year-old female and have lived with a single mom, her teenage kids and another female cat who went to live with a relative. 

My mom believes I would be an excellent cat for an assisted living or long-term care facility because I am a very well-behaved cat! I don’t get up on the table or counters, I don’t hound you when you are eating, I don’t go outside of the litter box, I don’t wrap myself around your legs and almost trip you, I’m not picky about what I eat, I don’t try to escape (because I’m afraid of the outdoors), I don’t make much noise and I would never even think about biting or scratching you. I do love to nap and I do love to be petted. I can keep someone company without being “high-maintenance” like some kitties are.

My family has to give me up because my mom is getting married and her husband-to-be is extremely allergic to cats. They have been dating for 5 years and he can’t spend more than 45 minutes at the house without his chest getting tight and he cannot breathe – and that’s with Benadryl! So I need a good home to be safe and a good person (or people) to hang out with!

If you can give Snuggles a home, please contact Sue at 724.556.9399 or email at

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