Animal Friends presents: Hellmuth: Special Working Cat for a Barn or Warehouse

EDIT: Hellmuth has found a home!  Thank you!

Hellmuth is a muscular, handsome cat who was rescued from life as a stray when he was a kitten. Now, he is a strapping young tomcat who has proven to be a friendly, loyal companion, but has never quite adapted to his current apartment life. 

He is a playful, adventurous spirit who would best succeed as a Working Cat. Click here for more information about working cats.   While he enjoys being petted, picked up and even cuddled, he is, first and foremost a bold and territorial soul. He would do well in a heated barn or warehouse, chasing off rodents. 

His owner loves him very much but knows that Hellmuth is very unhappy and unsuited for his current home in an apartment. He makes this known by spraying.

 Hellmuth is a healthy, neutered 7-year-old cat who, after he gets to know you, will greet you with enthusiasm and head butts. He does not want to live with dogs or cats.

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