Animal Friends presents: Riggs!

Has having the kids away at school left home a little too quiet? Are you looking for a lively companion to energize your empty home? Look no further, we have an endearingly obnoxious companion to remind you that you are needed and loved! 

Years of ignoring whiny children should set you up perfectly to train Riggs, a very handsome, very vocal Lab/Chow mix who could use some help learning “shush.”  Like demanding toddlers, handsome Riggs has learned that people often respond to being loudly prodded, and he enjoys the attention of people so much it has become a constant behavior.  A family that will ignore the incessant canine vocalizations, “Mom, Dad! Treat, Walk!” will help him learn that a quiet nuzzle can be just as effective. Don’t worry, we don’t expect Riggs to completely break the habit – you’ll still know that he’s there!

Riggs does settle down, especially for scratches behind the ears and on his bum, but he prefers to settle on the floor next to his favorite human instead of alone in a crate.  In previous homes Riggs has protested solitary confinement by escaping a crate and nosing through unlatched doors, although he has recently learned to be comfortable in a crate.  Riggs did well with a family who was rarely away, bonding and becoming his Dad’s sidekick before he became too ill to care for Riggs and brought him back to Animal Friends.

At seven years old most dogs would be looking for a soft bed beside the fireplace to relax and snooze.  Riggs will happily use the bed, but as a platform to de-stuff his toys!  Don’t worry, he will still look adorable as he sticks his backside up at you during play. Riggs is no couch potato, so he could be your next great hiking buddy.  He’s as excited about the next car ride as he is about playing!  He rides nicely, however, and will continue to be the perfect gentleman on your walk unless he gets too close to yummy forest creatures or cats. 

Riggs is great at sharing food and toys with his trusted companions, but he doesn’t seem to trust other dogs or new people.  A few treats, new toys, and some loving patience will help him get used to those pesky college students, the mailman, and the neighbors, but we think younger children might be a little too much for Riggs to handle in a home – after all, he is still learning to be well behaved himself!

Interested in meeting Riggs? Please call the Animal Friends Adoption Department to set up an appointment for a visit – 412.847.7002 – or email us at

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