Animal Friends Waives Cat Adoption Donations in Emergency Adoption Effort

Animal Friends is overwhelmed with homeless cats. We’re determined to do something about it.

Recent large-scale rescues have left our shelter desperate for kennel space. Now, in an effort to find loving homes for cats and to empty cages for incoming rescued cats, Animal Friends is waiving adoption donations for all felines age 2 and up.

Cat adoption is truly priceless!

In June, police officers called Animal Friends to a home in Carrick, where 64 cats and kittens were found living in garbage, feces and filth. Though the home was condemned and boarded up, rescue workers donned Hazmat suits and entered day and night, pulling flea- and scab-covered cats from every nook and cranny. Just one month later, a neighboring house was found to have another out-of-control cat population. Again, Animal Friends was called to the rescue. While the cats are now healthy and ready for adoption, many still wait in cages.

Last week, police officers took Animal Friends to a home in Garfield, where nearly 70 more cats and kittens were rescued from deplorable conditions.

Meanwhile, calls continue to come in about strays and unwanted litters.

Animal Friends must place their feline residents into loving homes, so that even more can have a chance.

Animal Friends typically requests a $75 donation for cat adoption. In an effort to find loving homes for cats, Animal Friends is now waiving the requested donation for all cats age 2 and up.

All cats are spayed or neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and medically and behaviorally cleared for adoption.

All adoption applications are thoroughly screened to ensure appropriate, loving and lifelong adoptions.

Cats are facing tough times in Allegheny County. If you’ve ever considered cat adoption, please do so now. Every empty cage empowers Animal Friends to rescue another cat who may not otherwise have a chance to survive.

Meet adoptable cats and apply for adoption now by visiting Call 412.847.7000 for more information.

See photos from Animal Friends’ recent rescue mission at

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