Breed: Domestic Longhair
Sex: Female
Age: 09 years 9 months
Weight: 9 pounds
Arrived: June 29, 2019

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This sweet girl is a pure white, long-haired beauty. Truffles is also front declawed. Because she’s declawed, she’s somewhat nervous in a shelter. She’s afraid of other cats & feels vulnerable and defensive around them. Sadly, that’s all she sees here.
So, we’ve got to find a home for this cute girl ASAP! Once she feels comfortable around a person, she becomes a total lovebug kitty. Truffles is very affectionate. She loves to have her ears, face and chin rubbed. She likes to be brushed, but her timid nature asks you to go slowly with that. When she first came to Animal Friends, she was actually afraid of the brush. She has come to realize that the brush comes with a good feeling.
Truffles is very treat motivated. Being a firm believer in bribery…er..positive reinforcement, we know that’s the way to Truffles’ heart. Go slowly, give small treats, and sure enough, she’ll bond with you in no time at all.
She’s also a young cat who likes to play. She’s entertained by interactive play with a teaser toy. She also seems intrigued by that laser bug. She’s going to catch it if it’s the last thing she does!
Truffles would like to be an only child with no dogs or other cats. She’d also be very afraid of rambunctious little ones, so we’re suggesting adults or kids over 16. If you think you have her home, please come to get her soon. She’s anxious here and needs to go home.

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