Bobsy the Beagle needs a home!

Bobsy is an amazing little dog.

This sweet Beagle ended up homeless when both of his owners passed away. We know that he has received a lot of love in his short life because he is confident, sweet and very cuddly.

We recently took Bobsy to appear on a live TV spot. This is the sort of thing that makes a lot of dogs very nervous, but not Bobsy. First, he hopped right into a crate in the car, and calmly watched the word go by on his way into town. Once he arrived at the TV station, he walked around and happily greeted everyone there. After he made friends, he settled into our staff person’s lap for a nap. He was rested and refreshed when it was time to go on the air, where he settled onto the stage and waited for his big debut.

Bobsy is housebroken and likes people and other dogs. He limps a little on his back leg, which means he’d rather cuddle than roughhouse or run around. This friendly boy is eager-to-please and ready to love someone, and doesn’t deserve to spend another day in a kennel.

Watch Bobsy’s TV appearance! (You may have to sit through a commercial, first.)

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