Chow Wagon Reaches 200,000 Pounds Delivered!

The Animal Friends’ Chow Wagon has passed the 200,000 lb. mark in donations of pet food and treats to 23 food pantries and one Meals on Wheels’ group!

Animal Friends’ goal is to constantly expand the assistance we give to the pet-owning community. To that end, a fledgling program began on a “wing and a prayer” on April 16, 2007 and was lovingly christened Chow Wagon. Animal Friends’ Chow Wagon celebrated its seventh birthday this year and my how we’ve grown!

Our first year saw us welcome four food pantries into the program.  Today, we are actively helping 23 food pantries and one Meals on Wheels’ group by supplying pet food and treats for their pet-owning clients. We also provide help to individuals, other shelters and feral-cat-colony caretakers. Chow Wagon assists between 400-600 families per month. Awesome? You bet!

Most of the credit for the success of this program goes to the Pittsburgh community whose belief and support of this mission has been vital. We are forever indebted to the folks who bring a bag or two of pet food to Animal Friends when they visit, to school groups and scout troops who have enthusiastically collected pet food throughout the area and to the many businesses and corporations who have held Animal Friends’ Chow Wagon drives.

Chow Wagon – like all programs at Animal Friends – is committed to building, nurturing and respecting the animal-human bond. We take great pride in being able to provide for the well-being of companion animals and to offer mutual assistance between people and their pets.

 “We have two clients with seizure alert dogs. They both rely on getting food monthly for their pets, not only because they are their companions, but because their dogs allow them to live a healthier and more stable life.”
–    Food Pantry Coordinator

We truly appreciate this. Our pantry’s clients, especially the seniors and those on disability, frequently request food for their animal companions, and it’s good when we can assist them. Good for the animals! Good for the humans! Win, win!
–    Food Pantry Coordinator

The Animal Friends’ Chow Wagon is very thankful to all who generously donate for it is not what we give, but what we share!

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