Clark Gable’s Happily Ever After

Clark Gable is a handsome Greyhound mix who first came to Animal Friends from a partner organization. Right away, we realized what a silly and playful pup he was! To help him channel his energetic personality in a positive way, our staff and volunteers spent plenty of time taking him for long walks, exercising in our play yards and putting his mind to work with enrichment activities.

Despite his fun-loving mentality, Clark Gable was also shy and – at times – fearful of new people and situations. Our Adoption Counselors took the time to get to know him and worked hard to find a good match with potential adopters who came to visit our residents. Sadly, after being adopted several times, Clark Gable found his way back to us yet again.

Although he had a timid nature when meeting people, Clark Gable really came out of his shell when he was in the company of other dogs. So, we knew that a family with another canine member might be just what he needed to settle in and feel comfortable in a new home.

One day, a family came to Animal Friends. They had another dog at home and were interested in meeting Clark Gable. We shared his story and let them know that he may take some time to warm up – they were more than happy to take things at his pace. The family was incredibly kind and patient, coming back to visit time and time again as Clark Gable grew more comfortable and familiar with them.

Clarke Gable and his new sister, Meeka

After their third visit, it was time for a meet and-greet with their dog, Meeka. And, it was a match! The family adopted Clark Gable and he was on his way home.

Since welcoming the newest member of their household, Clark Gable’s family has kept in touch with us to share stories of how well he has adjusted to their home. He and his new canine sister spend their days chasing each other around the yard and exploring the house together.

Because of the compassionate and patient approach his new family took during his adoption, Clark Gable seems to have finally found the home he was waiting for. It may have taken a little longer to find them, but we’re thrilled that Clark Gable now has a family he can call his very own!


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