Cole, Jordan, Sigourney and Zoey: Home to Home Adoption Program

Born in August 2018, these four kittens were rescued by a Good Samaritan. Cole, Jordan, Sigourney and Zoey are from the same litter and are very bonded with each other, so they will need to be adopted as pairs. Although these kitties are shy at first, after a short time they become very affectionate – each is sweeter and more gentle than the last!

Cole, Jordan, Sigourney and Zoey are each Leukemia/FIV-negative, spayed/neutered, immunized for FVRCP and rabies and has undergone treatment deworming.

As young and playful cats, their favorite toys are stuffed mice, small squishy balls and a big tube with a ball in it. They also use a tall scratching post and scratching pads.


Cole is a male with a short, black tuxedo coat. He is very curious and adventurous but is always willing to take a break from playtime for some well deserved love and attention. He especially enjoys climbing on a shoulder when he’s craving some affection.


Jordan is a male, dark tabby. He is a typical lap cat and absolutely adores people (especially when they’re giving him a little love!). When he’s not playing, Jordan prefers to be near his favorite people, finding a cozy spot nearby when he isn’t on a lap.


Sigourney is a female Siamese. She is very friendly and always keeps tabs on where her people are because she’s always ready for pets. Her signature move is to give gentle nudges with her head when she’s searching for attention.


Zoey is a female gray tabby. When she isn’t playing with her siblings, she is a quiet and observant little lady. Zoey also adores a nice, cozy lap and will go to adventurous lengths to find a suitable spot to settle in!


Can you provide the loving home that two of these kittens are searching for? For more information and to set up a meet-and-greet, contact Nancy at

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