February is Adopt-a-Shelter Rabbit Month at Animal Friends

Did you know that rabbits are the third most-adopted companion animal? And for good reason! To start, they are quiet and clean creatures making them an excellent roommate for apartment life. They can be litter-trained and roam freely throughout your home (after it’s been bunny-proofed of course!). Classified as lagomorphs, rabbits are incredibly intelligent and social. There are 47 breeds of rabbits recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association and each of them can live to be 8- to 12-years old.

At Animal Friends, we’re celebrating Adopt-a-Shelter-Rabbit Month for all of February. So even if you’re not quite ready to add a bunny as your newest furry family member, you can get your bunny fix by becoming an Animal Friends’ rabbit volunteer!

Through our Rabbit Volunteer Program you’ll learn how to recognize certain behaviors and how to care for the buns and the basics of handling them. You’ll provide socialization, exercise and enrichment. In doing so, you can help to stimulate the rabbits’ brains to prevent boredom and to get them more comfortable with being handled and petted – all which aids in making them more adoptable!
Rabbit volunteers have the option to do many things at Animal Friends. There is always a need for volunteers at our Bun Runs and off-site activities. You can spread your knowledge and love for buns into the community to try to bring in more rabbit adopters. Volunteers are also needed to write bunny bios, become a foster guardian or even just to groom them. There truly is something for everyone.

Even if you don’t have the time to dedicate to being a rabbit volunteer, please stop by Animal Friends to see our shelter rabbits in action at our weekly BunRuns on Saturdays from 2:30-4 p.m. It’s such a joy to watch them run and play and to see how much personality they have. For all you know, it could be love at first rabbit!
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