Happy (and bittersweet) Tails: Woofer

By: Jeff Geissler, Communications Assistant

It happened again.

This morning, I walked to my office at Animal Friends…past the cat condos and free roam rooms, ready to say good morning to my early bright eyes.

One of them was gone.

For over a year I’ve bid hello to Woofer the cat. His goofy eyes, crooked smile, and stained yet generous face was always a pleasure to see.

He reminded me of me. During our “School’s Out for Summer” promotion, he received a “D” on his report card in Home Economics…probably because of the relaxed, casual, and rather untamed way he kept his space. I too have been accused of having a relaxed outlook on cleanliness, and, much to my mother’s dismay, did not receive the highest accolades from my Home Ec teacher.

Woofer has a quirky and loveable personality. When I would photograph other cats in the free roam room, he would often tap my shoulder, then scatter when I turned. That’s just one of many elementary-school-style tricks he would pull.

Some called him loony and bonkers. But it is said the difference between crazy and eccentric is a million dollars. Well, my buddy Woofer is worth a million bucks.

If Woofer’s new family is reading this…. I’d love to hear how you’re doing in your new home, my fantastically funny feline friend. Keep those eyes bright, stay true, and rock on, you gorgeous goofball.

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