Happy Retirement, Glenn Cole! Thank You for 14 Years

By Maddie Aicher, Volunteer Coordinator

Glenn Cole is a man that needs little introduction here at Animal Friends. For over 14 years, Glenn has been a beacon of light, providing entertainment for our staff and volunteers and excellent care for our animals. His cheerful and lively personality is hard to miss and he is never short on puns or quirky jokes to make your day a little bit brighter. Glenn truly became part of the Animal Friends’ family and built many strong friendships with volunteers and staff. Glenn was never afraid to take on new challenges or help where needed, and dedicated nearly 11,000 hours to our organization over the past 14 years.

Glenn volunteered for a number of assignments, but it was easy to see that his true passion was working with our canine residents. He would lovingly call the smaller dogs “short rounds” and the larger dogs “knuckleheads.” Glenn could usually be found taking one of our dogs for a leisurely stroll around campus and whistling a happy tune as they walked. He was always patient with our shy and fearful dogs and was known for waiting as long as he needed to for the ones who weren’t quite ready to return to their kennel. Our dogs truly benefitted from their interactions with Glenn and his passion for their health and well-being was clear to everyone who met him.

As an advocate for our Pets for Vets® program, Glenn embodied everything our program strives to be.  As a veteran himself, Glenn aided us in furthering our mission to extend our volunteering services to those who have served our country. He often whistled the Colonel Bogey March – a service march inspired by British service men and a song of the Women’s Army Corps – as he walked around campus.

Angie Pulice, a fellow dog walking volunteer, remembers her time with Glenn fondly. “It is agreed that we who walked with Glenn will truly miss his eternal good moods and corny jokes,” says Angie. “There was not one single day that I can ever remember that he was not in a good mood. It was astonishing. Nothing ever got him down even in the worst of circumstances. And even more astonishing was the fact that he had such a way with even the most frightened and shut down dogs. He was the most patient man. I still laugh at the image of him getting stuck with a dog who wasn’t ready to go back inside, but he never let it bother him. He would just wait until the dog was ready to go back into their kennel. He had such a way with all of them.”

While we are sad to see him leave, we wish Glenn well in his retirement and encourage him to drop in to say hello. In the words of Glenn himself we hope to “see you ‘round like a donut” and meet again someday soon!

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