Happy Tails: A Perfect Match

By: Katie Vecchi, Director of Care & Placement Services

One of the many programs at Animal Friends that truly makes an impact on the animals in our community is the work of our dedicated Humane Investigations team. This incredible and compassionate group is able to help the animals in our community who need us the most. Our Adoption team finds great joy in seeing these animals’ journeys as they come in from a neglect or cruelty case, receive the help they need from our dedicated staff and volunteers and then start a new life with their new families.

This was exactly the case with Finn Mint.

Finn Mint was rescued in May of this year by our Humane Investigations team after being found living in horrible conditions. Finn Mint’s big personality in his compact frame quickly won over the hearts of staff and volunteers alike. For being a senior guy, Finn Mint still had plenty of energy, enjoyed his walks outside and could spend the entire afternoon sniffing around campus. Because of his older age, Finn Mint needed some dental work to help him feel his best in a new home. While he waited for his surgery, Finn Mint spent some time in a foster home and received training from our devoted volunteers.

Then, in late August Finn Mint was finally cleared for adoption. Within a few days, Finn Mint had a meet and greet appointment set up and Bob came in to meet with him. In a matter of minutes, Bob decided that Finn Mint was the perfect match for him. The two left the building ready to take on the world together!

Since that day, our Adoption team has received emails from Bob saying that Finn Mint has really started to come out of his shell and is now more confident. He has learned to be comfortable around new people and dogs. And, his new dad loves to bring him along as his side kick everywhere he goes, giving Finn Mint a sense of adventure every day. They often spend time walking and hiking, allowing Finn Mint to use his hound nose to lead the way. The two have even gotten matching outfits!

Every animal who comes through our doors has a history and a story to tell. Some of those stories are longer than others and some have many highs and lows. But, no matter the case, each animal who leaves with a new family is just taking the first step to a new life filled with love. Everyone at Animal Friends could not be happier with Finn Mint’s happy ending – we know that he really struck gold with his new dad!

Happy Tails Finn Mint!

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