Happy “Tails” Adoption Story: Jazzy

At Animal Friends, we follow up with each of our adopters 3 days, 3 weeks and 3 months after their adoption. Our goal is to make sure that our former residents are adjusting well to their new homes, and to answer any questions that may arise along the way.

This follow-up report, which came via email from Jazzy’s adopter, was one of our favorites to date!

The Jazzy Chronicles

What is your new pet’s name?:  JAZZY!! And it’s appropriate!
How is your new pet adjusting to her new home?:  Well – it did take awhile – about 30 whole minutes.
Has your new pet been regular in eating their food (yes/no):  OINK  (We’re taking that as a ‘yes’).
Day 1
Hey. I’m in the car!  Hey.  What’s in this Animal Friends bag?  I’d better look!
Whoo hoo! I’m at the new house.  And I’m on a leash .  I don’t mind traffic at all!
OK – in the house – what’s that – a trash can?  Looks delicious!  Let me just stick my snout in there.
Better watch the tail wagging – it might fly off.
TOYS!!!!!!!!!  *Shake*  *bark*  *growl*  *FLING*
I can chase Scooby the beagle and she’s chasing me back. This is totally fun.
Time for dinner.  I can’t concentrate; there’s too much to do!  OK!  I’ll eat but I gotta hurry and get back to important exploring.
I’m POOPED.  Fortunately, so is Marie.  Let’s nap on the couch (I’ll just cuddle up with her).
More walks – and I’m running as fast as I can.
Bedtime – Oooh my own dog bed  or the people bed . . . if I just curl up real small maybe they won’t notice me?
Day 2
What the heck – it’s 7AM and they’re making me wake up.  FINE – I’ll go outside and then have my breakfast.
Is that a lawn mower?  BARK!!  HOWWWL.  Whoa – I have an OUTSIDE VOICE.  I may need to use this frequently.
BUTTERFLY!  *pounce*  Dang – I missed it.
Hey, are those CATS?  Just walking around at the neighbors?  I’d better bark just to be sure.  Scooby – help me out here – let’s bark together.  HOOOOWWWWWWLL  (times 2)
Oooh – a milk bone!  Scooby ate hers, but I think I should save mine.  Let me try burying it.  I’m not really sure what I’m doing here, but I think ¼ inch of dirt should hide it from beagle Scooby.
< 3 mins later >SHE GOT MY MILK BONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Another lawn mower – this time it’s Steve .  Hooowwwwwl!
Is that a sock?  It would probably be very helpful if I snatched it up, bolted down the stairs and got it nice and slobbery.
Happy happy sproing sproing – oops – remember – don’t wag the tail right off.
Oooh – if I get up on the chair, I can stick my snout into Marie’s coffee cup.  She probably won’t mind at all.  And coffee will perk me up!!!!
Who’s in the shower?  I’d better stick my head in.
6PM – Marie’s in the kitchen and I think I’ll try out this crate.  I’ve seen it sitting here, with a nice soft blanket.  Yup it sure looks . . .SNORE..ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZz SNORE ZZZZZZZZZZZZ SNORE ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZz. Why do I have to get up and go to bed? SNOREZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
Day 3
I’m gonna need my own day planner – I’m BUSY!!!!!

And one last word from Jazzy’s new owners: Thank you for bringing her into our home!

Good luck and many happy tail wags to Jazzy and her new family!

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