Happy Tails: Two Black Cats are Better than One

By Katie Vecchi, Adoption Coordinator

In our Adoption Department, we watch as some animals come to Animal Friends and after just a day or two, leave with their new families. Although this is our goal for every one of our homeless residents, it is not always the reality. Sometimes, animals are with us for extended periods of time, ranging from a few weeks to even years. The reasons vary, based on characteristics of the animal and the special attributes needed in their new home. No matter the situation, our Adoption Counselors are determined to find every animal a loving home. This was certainly the case with Elvira.

Elvira is a beautiful black cat, who first came to Animal Friends in March of 2018. At the time she was just 6 months old. She had been found as a stray by a good Samaritan. She was taken in and nursed back to health until she was able to be admitted at Animal Friends. When Elvira first came to us, she was very timid and nervous, especially around new people.

As time passed and Elvira grew into a stunning adult cat, she remained rather reserved. But, she always seemed intrigued by other cats. The Adoption and Behavior teams thought Elvira would do well in our Free Roam Room, where she would be able to socialize with other cats. Elvira did well with the move and quickly made herself at home, among the various lounging areas and beds. Sadly, she still remained distant and would often hide from potential adopters.

Then, in January 2020, a lovely young couple came in to visit with some of the cats. They had a black cat of their own named Binx. They were hoping to find him a friend and had seen Elvira on the website. Our Adoption Counselors told them about Elvira’s history and the fact that she was not always social with new people. The couple spent some time with Elvira, taking advantage of the times Elvira allowed some pets. Afterward, they did meet with some other cats, but they knew Elvira was the one for them.

We scheduled for Elvira to be picked up the next day, when it was a little quieter and calmer for her transition. Finally, after 663 days at Animal Friends, Elvira left for her new home.

Since her adoption, our Adoption Counselors have received wonderful follow ups about Elvira. She has made herself at home, becoming more confident every day. She and Binx have also bonded and enjoy chasing the laser light together. Elvira is able to go to sleep every night knowing that she has a loving family and many happy days to come.

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