Heart Songs: A Snapshot In Time

By Beth Mauder, Adoption Counselor

There was a rainbow over Pittsburgh yesterday. I saw it on the news.  I wish I had been able to see it in person. 

There are some things that cause us to stop and smile in this chaos commonly known as life. I call them Heart Songs because they make my heart smile. I am fortunate enough to spend a lot of my life in a place that gives me lots of opportunities to stop and smile. 

Twice last week I came across cats, Zoey and Zebedee in our meet and greet rooms cuddling with their new families. Each cat had been with us for a very long time and it made my heart sing to see both cats sleeping calmly in their new owners’ arms while their adoption papers were being processed. 

I also watched 6 cats, crouched attentively on every available corner of a cat tree watching a squirrel valiantly trying to squeeze his body into the bottom of the bird feeder so he could grab  the last bit of sunflower seeds. 

When our Pittie, Jeannie, finally found her forever home after two years you could hear the clapping and cheers all the way to Camp Horne Rd.  She knew she had found someone to love her and pranced out the front door confidently.  

Stopping on the way out of work to listen to the birds singing in the trees. Watching the volunteers sitting on the benches cuddling their new favorite dogs or trying to coax a shy dog out of their shell.  These are the things that get me through the traffic jams on the Parkway and the trips to the dentist. They are not hard to find. 

For others, it could be the sound of their children playing in the yard. For some, a free concert on a warm summers night. For me, it’s the sights and sounds I encounter every day when I walk in the front door at Animal Friends.

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