Help Them Heal Challenge: Teddy

“What are you doing here fella,” murmurs a Good Samaritan. He found a 10-year-old Chow Chow mix, Teddy, on his porch on a frigid, winter evening. Teddy was wearing a collar without tags and dragging some-20 feet of cable. This fluffy, little guy was someone’s dog. Without identification the man had no choice but to set out to find the owners.
Alas, his search was fruitless – so he turned to Animal Friends.
Upon Teddy’s arrival, it didn’t take long for staff to notice he was alarmingly head-shy. So much so, he needed to be muzzled to complete his physical exam. The medical team found his ear canals to be in terrible shape – it’s no wonder he was incredibly sensitive to touching on and near his ears. Despite knowing the origin of his sensitivity, his chances of being available for adoption didn’t look good.
Before all animals (dogs, cats and rabbits alike) can be available for adoption at Animal Friends, their behavior must be assessed by our behavior team. This includes a few tests to find out more information about each animal so he can be best matched with potential adopters. When it came time for Teddy’s, it took the team two attempts. There were reports of growly and snappy behavior. Odds were stacking against Teddy.
But there was still hope. Every now and again, Teddy showed glimpses of his personality. Staff knew to fully bring him out of his shell surgery was the only viable treatment option.
We couldn’t give up on this dog, so, his surgery was scheduled.
Just six short days after his surgery, Teddy was a completely different dog! Happy, bright, wiggly and affectionate are only a few of the wonderful ways to describe him. With each passing day, his spunk – showed more and more.
Teddy has since recovered from surgery and found a loving home. But we can’t be sure where he would’ve ended up without Animal Friends and quite honestly, we don’t want to think about that.
At Animal Friends, we promise to make an investment in the health of every one of our animals regardless of their level of need. Yes, every single one. But to be able to provide this kind of care we need your help. Now through Oct. 10 – thanks to the generosity of Bob and Janine Fragasso – every dollar you give in support of our residents’ medical care will be matched 50 cents on the dollar up to $125,000. Click hereto help more animals just like Teddy.
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