Here to Help

By Liz Moser, Community Resource Coordinator

At Animal Friends, we know that life can get complicated sometimes … this was the case for Geena. When a close family member was hospitalized, she needed to spend as much time with her loved ones as possible. In addition to this unexpected hardship, Geena was also hit hard by the COVID-19 crisis – like so many, she was out of work and had limited funds to spend on pet care and other necessities. Juggling multiple caretaking jobs and family responsibilities, Geena needed support to help ease the emotional and financial strain on her family.

Thankfully, Geena was able to find a friend to take in her two cats and two dogs while she cared for her family. In order to live in harmony with the resident animals, Geena’s pets needed updated vaccines but with such a tight budget, she didn’t know where to turn. We were able to schedule Geena’s pets for low-cost vaccines at our Animal Wellness Center, and were able to provide the medical care they needed at a reduced cost thanks to our Friends for Life program. Her pets are now vaccinated so she can focus on caring for her family during this difficult time.

The work that we do through our pet retention programming isn’t always sensational – sometimes, our services simply help people provide the best for their pets when they’re in a tough situation. Geena’s beloved pets needed care, and we were happy to help ease her burden so that she could focus her attention elsewhere and have less worry. By helping her pets, we were able provide a helping hand to the entire family – that’s what keeping families together is all about!

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