Home-to-Home Adoption Program: Auggie

Auggie is a 4 year old German Shepherd/Boxer/Lab mix. He is very sweet, loving, loyal, patient and energetic (although he does love to nap just as much as play). Some of his favorite things are swimming and anything else that involves water, chewing a bone, looking out the windows in the house, getting neck rubs and going for car rides. Although Auggie is very sweet and patient, he can be anxious and would be much more at peace in a quieter home than his current one. With two young boys who are always yelling, running, jumping and crashing, Auggie can never fully relax. His current family also has to travel regularly and Auggie gets separation anxiety. He is great with babies and children (in smaller doses), but would do better in a home with older children who will give him some quiet time when he needs it. Auggie is fearful of thunder, fireworks and other dogs. Because of this, he doesn’t love going for walks and if he sees another dog, he typically stops and lays down.

A perfect day for Auggie would be to lay outside for a while, run around the yard, chew a bone, serve as the neighborhood lookout at the window, nap and then cuddle before bed. Auggie has taken two different obedience classes, but he does have two behaviors that he is still working to overcome – charging the door whenever the doorbell rings and jumping when someone new walks in. He is really a sweet dog you will want to meet.

If you are interested in getting to know Auggie, please call or text Meredith at 720.393.0766.


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