Home-to-Home Adoption Program: Bowie and Toby

Bowie and Toby are adorable 1-year-old brothers who began their lives with an elderly family member who loved them very much but could no longer care for them, and now they are looking for a new home to call their own. Bowie has fur like butterscotch swirl ice cream and Toby is the color of a perfectly made latte. They have both been neutered and are up to date on shots. Both boys are very friendly and still full of playful kitten energy. They will play with anything from a fancy cat toy to a piece of ribbon, but their favorites are the laser pointer and feather wand. They get along with their canine roommate, a little old lady pit bull. Bowie and Toby have been together since birth, and are best playmates, brothers and friends so it would be ideal if they could be adopted together. If you’re interested in having double the cuteness and double the fun in your life, these happy boys might be the perfect solution!

Contact Elizabeth at eakrevy@gmail.com.


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