Home-to-Home Adoption Program: Daisy and Lily

Daisy and Lily are bonded sisters who are looking for a home together! Daisy is a beauty – she is a gentle, shy brown tabby with a white “bib” and white “socks”. Daisy is a very quiet, cautious kitty, who is non-aggressive and has adapted very well to living indoors. She enjoys being pet all over, but is not yet completely comfortable with being picked up or held. She loves to play with toys, but also has a very relaxed and chill demeanor. She loves her sister, Lily, very much and is calm, content and more self-assured when they are together. Lily is a petite, beautiful brown tabby kitten with a very gentle, sweet disposition. She is confident, affectionate, playful and enjoys toys. Lily is content to relax most of the day and has adapted very well to being indoors and watching the world out the window. She is friendly with being held and handled, is non-aggressive and gets along well with other cats. As former feral cats, both kittens are spayed, fully vaccinated, wormed and had a Revolution flea/tick treatment in October. They have not met any dogs so they would prefer not to have any canine siblings at home. Lily and Daisy both have good appetites, are healthy and also have excellent litter box habits. If interested, please contact Cris and David at cris_david@verizon.net

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